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You’ve probably by now heard the term “content marketing” more than you can count the birds chirp.  Do you  actually know what it is and why you should do it with more focus.  (Note: I implied that you already are doing so to a certain extent… You’ll get why in a few moments.)

So what is content marketing?

If you type content marketing into the Google search box, this is what you will get:

a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.
“social media is an integral part of content marketing”

While this definition is the most widely accepted, I do tend to disagree. For me content marketing goes far beyond the creation and sharing of online material.  This definition lacks the off-line integration as well as all the small things you probably already do when you update your site with answers to customer questions (like a FAQ for instance). Come to think of it, every piece of content created to stimulate the interest in the product or product category (not the brand…) is a form of content marketing.

The insight here is that anyone in your company that has contact with prospects, clients or users can be excellent sources of content for your marketing team AND they are also an ideal sharing platform to spread this content when needed.  Regardless of the medium. (from the paper leaflet, the e-mails from sales or administration, the autoresponder to the site, blog and social media).  We will cover how to maximize the contribution of your employees to your content marketing in a later post.

Ok, I get that, but so what?

Well this takes me to the benefits of content marketing, let’s start with the obvious ones:

  • You get better search engine rankings if you do it right
  • Your engagement on social media will increase
  • The newsletter database you own should grow and if your content is appreciated, your unsubscribe rate should decrease

And now, for the benefits we missed:

  • It can help your lead generation (Have you never subscribed to a list to download a checklist about X?)
  • Your sales can use it to create new contact moments during the buying cycle without being pushy (Dear prospect, what did you think about the checklist? I’d like to have your opinion…)
  • It’s an excellent tool to build an automated lead nurturing machine
  • You can create sub campaigns and depending on what content piece was requested, the lead actually self-qualifies himself/herself. (A lead that checked the weather forecast for a certain period on a travel agent site, requesting information about a certain country shows a bigger chance to become client short term then someone who just requests your latest catalogues…)
  • It increases customer satisfaction and reduces prospection anxiousness ( providing that you also take into account the real customer questions within your content )

Now that you have discovered some of the benefits of content marketing, let’s go through 5 steps to help you kickstart your content marketing.

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