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What are the steps to start a digital sales & marketing track with me

How would I integrate your company as a digital manager, digital marketing & sales manager or e-commerce manager?

Every project, client, contact person is different.  I customize my digital marketing & sales skills towards your needs and requirements.  I strongly believe every project should build up towards a longterm partnership where we incrementally increase our mutual skills & strengths.


Intake and scope of a digital track:

We sit down to discuss where you want to go and what you want to achieve.  During this phase I have to assess your digital maturity and set the initial expectations.  My approach is down-to-earth and adapted to your current reality.

Build a proposal, a project plan and a timing:

Based on the scope, I will price the project and add rough estimations on external costs (do we need a developer, buy media, have expert designers,… in addition to achieve our common goals).

Project delivery: 

The project plan is executed and the different involved people are managed and coached during the timespan of the initiative.


Weekly or bi-weekly reporting on the project advancement where we discuss what was done, what we still need to do and overall status on the agreed scope delivery. Of course, in addition to the timely reporting, I maintain a continuous flow of feedback for you, your employees and the suppliers. This allows for an aligned team and a succesfull delivery of the project.



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