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This post is to demistify the link between content marketing and difficulty you may think it holds to implement.  After all, you are a busy company owner and you have lots of other burning priorities to handle. Lucky for you, there is a way to do this with very limited cost (time & money).  All it takes is a little behavioral change that I will share with you in this post.

Getting a pragmatic start with content marketing if you have nothing

Keep in mind that this is an approach that is to get you started with the topic of content marketing and getting used to the process.  Every step can be perfected and I will teach you in next posts how to do research, making sure your content marketing gets optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)… First make sure your content engine rolls, because you can already reach impressive results without the overly technical requirements.

Nice to know, but how do I get started

Let me take you through the steps:

1. Get working on your story

A company without a story doesn’t exist, literally.  The simple truth is that if you have nothing to tell, you have nothing to sell, period.  Don’t believe me?  Ask yourself why do customer buy my products/services? How do they use it? Do they find alternative uses? Do they have testimonials? … and many more questions you can ask yourself while thinking about your story. The bottom line of this step is to get an idea of the low hanging fruit you can use for your content strategy.  Start by looking at yourself first, it allows you to be more open.

Key success factors:

Who am I & who do I want to talk to

2. Start looking for inspiration

Alright, so you took a first look at what information you have that can be of interest for your audience and guess what… over the years you did build up quite a story.  Now is the time to go have a look at what the competition, thought leaders and other companies are doing.  This step is important because you do want to give a unique edge to your content.

Key success factors:
Don’t be discouraged, yes every topic has been covered on the internet at some point.  Look for that sweetspot that allows your story to be unique. Maybe it is your location, maybe it is your vision, product,… Use this as your hook. 

3. Create a content map that everyone can easily understand in your organization 

Now that you have a good look at what you have at hand, what the others are doing, you can start building up a strategy. What are the topics that make sense for you and your audience.  Start with customer problems (questions) first, give them answers to topics that do come back often. The second layer of content can be product information and how to use. With the third layer we slowly merge towards more inspirational content: trends, alternative uses, category information (If you sell a hammer, talking about nails might not seem legit, except if you talk about the type of nails and how to properly fixate them without bending them.) The last layer of content will still be on topics that make sense in the environment of your product.

Key success factors:
Create a comprehensive map that clearly defines the content strategy you have in mind

4. Plan with a content calendar and delegate, integrate and advocate

Select a frequency and integrate in current processes for your employees.  You can for instance be responsible for important posts regarding your company, leave it up to your sales to talk about interesting usecases.  One of your admins is comfortable around a camera? Give him the instagram account part.  Point is, you have limited resources and you want to spread the workload as much as possible.

Key success factors:
Create a calendar with fixed & flexible communication moments hare and follow up and everybody’s part
Delegate content types according to your staff skills
Make it part of their daily, weekly, monthly routine

5. Review and make sure it all keeps a consistent message

If you see that your team has difficulties producing a consistent tone of voice, appoint one person that aggregates all contents produced (transcribed) by other members and is responsible for publication.   Ideally you want to coach your staff on the go for each post, content piece so you can build the perfect Content Marketing Orchestra!



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